.r.yaml files

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each results element has the following properties:

  • name
  • type
  • title
  • visible: true
  • clearWith: *

different results element types have different additional properties.

the different results element types are as follows:


Preformatted represents the simplest of results elements. it is simply a block of preformattd text.

it has no additional properties.


Table is the most common result element in the results from jamovi analyses. Tables are represented as rich HTML tables in jamovi, and as nicely formatted ascii tables in an interactive R session.


property default description
columns an array of columns objects, see below
rows 0 an integer specifying the number of rows, or a data-binding where one row is created per element of the bound value
swapRowsColumns false whether the rows and columns should be swapped
notes [ ] an array of strings which appear as additional notes in the footnotes of the table.



property default description
name the name of the column, a string
title the title that appears at the top of the column
type number either number (aligned right), integer (aligned right, displayed to zero decimal places) or text (aligned left)
format (optional) a string with comma separated values; zto, pvalue
content (optional) the content to appear in the cells of the column.
visible true true, false or a data-binding. the column will be visible if the bound value isn’t false or null
superTitle (optional) a title to appear above the title of the column
combineBelow false if multiple adjacent cells in the column contain the same value, they will be combined into a single cell



  • width
  • height
  • renderFun
  • requiresData



  • items



  • items
  • template