the jamovi source structure contains the following components:

directory contents build command artifacts
electron/ the electron app which represents the entry point of the program npm install default_app.asar
server/ the server code written in python and built on top of tornado python3 \ build_ext --inplace jamovi.server (python module)
engine/ the background processing engine, written in C++ and making use of R make jamovi-engine (an executable)
client/ the html, javascript and css which make up the user interface for jamovi. npm install js, css, html
examples/ the example data sets (these can be copied verbatim)
platform/ platform specific files, icons, etc.

the electron/, server/, engine/ and client/ subprojects can be built by navigating into their directories and issuing the build command listed in the table above.

final structure

after building each of these subprojects, the results of the builds are assembled into a final tree for installation. the final jamovi folder structure for ubuntu is as follows:

├── bin/
|   ├── locales/
|   |   └── ...
|   ├── resources/
|   |   ├── electron.asar
|   |   └── default_app.asar
|   ├── jamovi
|   ├── env.conf
|   └── ...
└── Resources
    ├── jamovi
    │   ├── client/
    |   |   └── assets/
    |   |   |   └── ...
    |   |   └── ...
    |   ├── examples/
    |   |   └── ...
    |   └── server/
    |       └── jamovi/server/
    └── modules
        ├── base
        |   └── R/
        |       └── ...
        └── jmv/
            └── ...


the electron executable is the entry point for jamovi. it represents a combined web browser interface and nodejs interpreter. in constructing the bin/ folder, its contents are simply taken from electron release archives (available from, with three exceptions:

  • the jamovi executable
  • resources/default_app.asar
  • env.conf

the jamovi executable is simply the electron executable renamed.

the resources/default_app.asar is the default electron app which electron goes looking for when it starts up. this needs to be replaced with the default_app.asar produced by the electron component of jamovi (from the electron/ folder in the repo).

env.conf contains the path settings and environmental variables that jamovi requires. variables which end in PATH or HOME are resolved relative to the env.conf. on ubuntu, it’s contents are:



JAMOVI_SERVER_CMD=/usr/bin/python3 -u -m jamovi.server 0


this folder contains the following files from the client/ subproject:

  • index.html
  • main.js
  • main.css
  • analysisui.html
  • analysisui.js
  • analysisui.css
  • resultsview.html
  • resultsview.js
  • resultsview.css
  • assets/*


this folder should contain the following files and folders from the server subproject:

  • jamovi/server/
  • jamovi/core.*.so
  • jamovi/
  • jamovi/__pycache__

note that the PYTHONPATH in env.conf is Resources/jamovi/server, so the final path of the jamovi/server/ directory will look a bit silly: Resources/jamovi/server/jamovi/server


this is just the contents from the examples/ subfolder