Inherits from OptionControl

A textbox allows for the displaying and editing of the value of an option in text form.


In addition to any inherited properties, a TextBox supports:

Property Description Form
format Sets the format definition that the TextBox should use to perform string manipulations with. If no format is specified string is assumed. Name of a standard format
or a custom format include
suffix Sets the text to be placed to the right of the textbox. string
inputPattern Sets the input string filter for determining valid inputs. For example, a number TextBox would have inputPattern: '[0-9]+' regular expression string
alignText Set the horizontal alignment of the text within the TextBox. enum: left, center, right
borderless Toggles whether the control has a visible border or not. This is mainly used when a TextBox is add to the template of a ListBox. bool

Supported Option Types

  • String
  • Integer
  • Number
  • Any format that has both toString() and parsing capabilities.


  - type: CheckBox
    name: logOdds
      - type: TextBox
        name: ciWidth
        suffix: '%'
        format: number
        inputPattern: '[0-9]+'
        enable: (logOdds)

The above example adds a TextBox as a child control to a CheckBox.