A Label is a simple control that displays text. It can take two inheritance forms depending on how it is setup. The first is a static label and the second is an option label.

Option Label

Inherits from (OptionControl](ui-optioncontrol.html), ParentControl

A Label is by default an option label unless the label property is defined. An option Label will populate its display using the underlying option to which it has been assigned. For further information about option binding see OptionControl.


When bound to an option, there are no Label specific properties. All behavior can be achieved using the inherited properties of OptionControl and OptionControl.

Static Label

Inherits from BaseControl, ParentControl

A static Label is created when the label property of the control is defined. In this form the Label control acts like any old label.


In addition to any inherited properties, a Label supports:

Property Description Form
label Sets the text to be displayed by the control. string


- type: Label
  label: Percentile Values
    - type: CheckBox
      name: quart